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Author : Jackson Mthembu

ANC statement on Libya

21 October 2011

It is regrettable that the Libyan conflict ended with the gruesome killing of the Libyan Leader Moammar Gaddafi. It is the view of the African National Congress that this could have avoided had the African Union road map been adopted. We are as convinced now as we were then that a peaceful approach would have saved many lives in Libya if it was given a chance.

The Libyans are now faced with a difficult task of rebuilding their nation and the country which was devastated as a result of a sustained conflict over time. We believe that this challenge will require world countries to give Libya a chance to define themselves as a unified nation, their national interest and form a government that will embrace all Libyans irrespective of where they stood in the conflict.

Now that regrettably blood has flown and lives lost, we call on the world to allow the people of Libya to define and work towards ensuring lasting democracy and speedy redevelopment of the country. With the National Transitional Council (NTC) having been recognized by many countries in the world including the United Nations and as the African Union, let us work together in the endeavor of healing the wounds and the creation of a platform for a new Libyan nation. We also call on Libyans to exercise restraint in order to bring to the end death and destruction.

We also call on the African Union to work with the people of Libya to ensure that the transition to an interim government is as smooth and speedy as possible. We once again call on western countries under the command of Nato to stop the bombardment of Libya and its people.

Issued by:
Jackson Mthembu
National Spokesperson

African National Congress
Chief Albert Luthuli House

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