Current President: Jacob Zuma

The current president is Jacob Zuma. He was elected president at the 53rd National Conference in 2012. His term of office will expire in December 2017 when the 54th National Conference will elect a new president.


The President is the political head and chief directing officer of the ANC and the leader of the house at a National Conference or National General Council. He or she will:

  1. Make pronouncements for and on behalf of the NEC outlining and explaining the policy or attitude of the ANC on any question.
  2. Present to the National Conference and National General Council a comprehensive statement of the state of the nation and the political situation generally.
  3. Under the overall supervision of the NEC, orient and direct the activities of the ANC.
  4. Be an ex-officio member of the NWC.

The president is elected by the National Conference which is held at least every five years.

Presidents of the African National Congress

There have been twelve different presidents of the ANC since its inception in 1912.

1st President

Dr J L Dube

1912 – 1917

2nd President

S M Makgatho

1917 – 1924

3rd President

Z R Mahabane (1st term)

1924 – 1927

4th President

J T Gumede

1927 – 1930

5th President

Dr P ka Isaka Seme

1930 – 1936

6th President

Z R Mahabane (2nd term)

1936 – 1940

7th President

Dr A B Xuma

1940 – 1949

8th President

Dr J S Moroka

1949 – 1952

9th President

Chief A J Luthuli

1952 – 1967

10th President

O R Tambo

1967 – 1991

11th President

N R Mandela

1991 – 1997

12th President

T M Mbeki

1997 – 2007

13th President

J G Zuma

2007 – present