ANC logo, colours and flag

The logo contains a spear and shield to represent the early wars of resistance to colonial rule, the armed struggle of the ANC`s former armed wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe, and the ANC`s ongoing struggle against racial privilege and oppression. The wheel dates back to the campaign for the Congress of the People, which adopted the Freedom Charter, and marks the joining in a common struggle for freedom people from all South Africa`s communities. It is a symbol of the strong non-racial traditions of the ANC. The fist holding the spear represents the power of a people united in struggle for freedom and equality.


The flag of the ANC is made of equal horizontal bands of black, green and gold. The black symbolises the people of South Africa who, for generations, have fought for freedom. The green represents the land, which sustained our people for centuries and from which they were removed by colonial and apartheid governments. The gold represents the mineral and other natural wealth of South Africa, which belongs to all its people, but which has been used to benefit only a small racial minority.

The ANC`s rallying call Amandla ngawethu or Matla ke arona means `power to the people`, reflecting the central demand of the Freedom Charter that the people shall govern. It a statement of the ANC`s commitment to build and deepen popular democracy and the active involvement of the people in the struggle to improve their lives