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Documents - Speeches

Nobel Prize speech by Chief Albert Lutuli at the Oslo University
Presidential Address, by Dr. A.B. Xuma
Opening address to the Sixth Annual Conference of the Natal Indian Congress
Address by Nelson Mandela to the Conference of the Pan-African Freedom Movement of East and Central Africa
Statement of the Reverend John L. Dube accepting election as the first President of the ANC: Report in Indian Opinion
Presidential address by Albert Luthuli to the Annual Conference of the African National Congress, Natal Branch
The Road From Non-violence to Violence: Speech by Z. K. Matthews at a conference sponsored by the World Council of Churches
Presidential address by Alberth Luthuli to the Annual Provincial Conference of the Natal Branch of the African National Congres
Speech at the special session of the United Nations Special Committee Against Apartheid by Oliver Tambo
Speech by Oliver Tambo at the second Pan-African Youth Seminar Dar Es Salaam
Opening address by Albert Luthuli to the Twenty-second Biennial Conference of the South African Indian Congress
Black man in a white court: Nelson Mandela`s First Court Statement - 1962
Joint speech by leaders of Liberation Movements at the fifth session of the Assembly of Heads of State, presented by Oliver Tambo
Broadcast to South Africa by OR Tambo on the 8th Anniversary of Umkhonto we Sizwe
Speech by Albert Luthuli at a public meeting organized by the South African Congress of Democrats
Nelson Mandela`s Statement from the Dock at the Rivonia Trial
Presidential address by Olof Palme to the International Conference on South West Africa
Albert Luthuli`s speech to ceremony for presenting him the Christopher Gell Memorial Award
42nd Annual Conference: Presidential Address by Chief Lutuli
Speech by Ahmed Kathrada at a Meeting of People`s Defence Committee held after the Arrests of Leaders on Charges of High Treason
Opening address by Albert Luthuli to Conference on Unemployment, Low Wages and Poverty
43rd National Conference: Opening address by Dr G M Naicker
Albert Luthuli`s acceptance speech on receiving the Nobel Peace Prize
43rd National Conference: Presidential Address by Chief Lutuli
44th National Conference: "Special Presidential Message" by Chief Lutuli
44th National Conference: Address by Professor Z. K. Matthews
45th National Conference: Presidential address by Chief Albert Luthuli
Opening address by W.M. Sisulu at 7th Annual Conference of Natal Indian Congress
Presidential Address by SM Makgatho, South African Native National Congress
The South African Races Congress: Inaugural address by J Tengo Jabavu, President, South African Races Congress