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Documents - Reports

26 Mar 2018 54th National Conference Report and Resolutions
17 Dec 2017 Organisational Report delivered to the 54th National Conference by ANC Secretary General Comrade Gwede Mantashe
16 Dec 2017 Political Report delivered to the 54th National Conference by ANC President Comrade Jacob Zuma
17 Aug 2017 Report of the 5th National Policy Conference
27 Oct 2015 Report of the 2015 National General Council
15 Oct 2015 The Battle of Ideas, Accelerating Digital Future, Media Transformation and Diversity
15 Oct 2015 The Peace and Stability Commission Report
15 Oct 2015 Report of Commission 1: Education, Health, Science and Technology
13 Oct 2015 Organisational Renewal and Elections Commission - Draft Report
13 Oct 2015 Economic Transformation Commission Report
11 Oct 2015 Report on the Balance of Forces
11 Oct 2015 ANC NGC: Social Transformation Committee
11 Oct 2015 Mid-Term Review State of organisation: 2012-2015 by Secretary General, Gwede Mantashe
11 Oct 2015 Report of the Legislature and Governance Commission
7 Aug 2015 Political Report delivered by President of the ANC Women`s League Comrade Angie Motshekga
20 Jul 2015 Political Report - 8th Provincial Conference - Anc Western Cape
20 Jul 2015 Organisational Report to Provincial Conference - 26-28 June 2015
27 Jun 2015 ANC Western Cape Gender Report
28 Oct 2013 General Secretary Report, 4th NEC MKMVA Meeting
19 Feb 2013 Report of the 5th Annual Caucus Lekgotla that was held on 19 to 22 February 2013 in Pretoria, Tshwane
16 Dec 2012 53rd National Conference: Organisational Report by Secretary General, Gwede Mantashe
24 Aug 2012 Report of the Secretary General
2 Jul 2012 ANC Gender Commission Report
28 Jun 2012 Report and Recommendations on Strategy and Tactics of the ANC
10 Jun 2012 Political Report by Northern Cape Provincial Chairperson Cde John Block during the Northern Cape 7th Provincial General Council
31 May 2012 Report by ANC Complaints Committee on the 7th Provincial Conference Processes
17 Feb 2012 Maximising the Developmental Impact of the People`s Mineral Assets: State Intervention in the Minerals Sector (SIMS): Summary
17 Feb 2012 Maximising the developmental impact of the people`s mineral assets: State Intervention in the Minerals Sector: Report prepared for the ANC Policy Institute
31 Jul 2011 Political Report by Limpopo ANC Chairperson, Cde Cassel Mathale, during the Limpopo ANC PGC
11 Oct 2010 NGC 2010: Report of the 3rd National General Council