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Documents - Media Statements

31 Oct 1991 Allegations made by the Sairr
31 Oct 1991 Response to police allegations
30 Oct 1991 Lydenburg Violence
29 Oct 1991 Report of Viljoen Task Group on Broadcasting
20 Oct 1991 Patriotic front
19 Oct 1991 Violations of the Peace Agreements
15 Oct 1991 All party congress
15 Oct 1991 General Strike and Exams
11 Oct 1991 Statement by Walter Sisulu, Deputy President, ANC at the special meeting of the Special Committee against Apartheid on the Day of Solidarity with South African Political Prisoners
11 Oct 1991 Statement by David Dinkins at the meeting of the Special Committee against Apartheid in observance of the Day of Solidarity with South African Political Prisoners
9 Oct 1991 Visit of Graca Machel
8 Oct 1991 Violence in Thokoza
8 Oct 1991 President De Klerk`s Stellenbosch speech
5 Oct 1991 Meeting with the leaders of the non-independent homelands
4 Oct 1991 Strategy of assassination
3 Oct 1991 Question of foreign loans
3 Oct 1991 Award of the nobel prize for literature to Nadine Gordimer
30 Sep 1991 Remarks made by ANC President Nelson Mandela
14 Sep 1991 Commonwealth Strategy in Support of a Negotiated Settlement in South Africa: Statement Adopted by the Commonwealth Committee of Foreign Ministers on Southern Africa
2 Sep 1991 South African arms reaching Yugoslavia
2 Sep 1991 Constitutional committee to visit Bonn
29 Aug 1991 On Bophuthatswana
29 Aug 1991 Death of ANC Education Secretary, Seretse Choabi
29 Aug 1991 De Klerk`s refusal to grant indemnity to right wing hunger strikers
23 Aug 1991 Meeting with ICRC
19 Aug 1991 ANC and former detainees
16 Aug 1991 Return to South Africa of Former Detainees
10 Aug 1991 Ventersdorp
9 Aug 1991 MK statement on its National Conference
2 Aug 1991 Restructuring of the Departments of the organisation and the allocation of portfolios to members of the National Working Committee of the ANC