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Documents - Letters

Letter by Nelson Mandela to Sir de Villiers Graaff, Leader of the White Opposition United Party
Letter dated 12 July 1948 from the representative of India to the Secretary-General concerning the treatment of Indians in South Africa
Campaign against bank loans to South Africa
Letter to U. Thant, Secretary-General of the United Nations, by Oliver Tambo
Letter to Americans by Albert Luthuli, distributed by the American Committee on Africa with the "Appeal for Action"
Letter dated 12 September 1952 addressed to the Secretary-General by the permanent representatives of Afghanistan, Burma, Egypt, India
44th National Conference: Letter on "certain tendencies" from Dr. A. B. Xuma
Letter from Albert Luthuli to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, U Thant
Letter dated 17 November 1952 from Mr. Z. K. Matthews, representative of the African National Congress
Exchange of correspondence prior to the commencement of the Defiance Campaign
Letter from Dr. A. B. Xuma, President-General of ANC to the Chairman of General Assembly, opposing South Africa`s proposal for incorporation of South West Africa
Letter from representatives of States Members of the United Nations to the President of the Security Council requesting consideration of the situation in South Africa
Letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Trygve Lie, and extracts from a memorandum on the situation in South Africa, Southwest Africa and Bechuanaland from Alfred Xuma
Letter to the Chairman of the Ad Hoc Political Committee of the General Assembly from Prof. Z. K. Matthews, President, ANC, Cape