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Statement on the ANC National Officials meeting with the ANC Youth League

26 February 2013

The National Officials of the African National Congress met with the National Working Committee of the African National Congress Youth League on Monday, 25 February 2013. The meeting was a follow up to one held earlier in the month, arising from a resolution of the 53rd National Conference for the ANC to urgently look into the matter of the ANC Youth League, the functionality of the structure and its relationship with the ANC.

The ANC Youth League presented a report to the National Officials which covered the political and structural work of the ANC Youth League. At the core of the deliberations was the ANC`s commitment to rebuilding the ANC Youth League in line with its obligation as encapsulated in Rule 12.2(e) of the ANC Constitution.

The National Officials of the ANC welcomed the ANC Youth League programme of action as presented. The ANC National Officials will present a progress report to the National Executive Committee of the ANC. The ANC remains convinced of the importance of the critical role that the ANC Youth League must play to champion interests of young people within the ANC and society. Such an activist and radical role must be undertaken within the overall ideological outlook and guidance of the ANC. The meeting agreed that the ANC Youth League further remains a critical tool to unite all young South Africans behind the vision of the ANC, and this, the League is expected to do through advocating for policy positions and implementing programmes that speak to the aspirations of young people for socio-economic freedom.

The process of building a youth cadre for the ANC in the Decade of the Cadre has commenced. Together the ANC and the ANCYL will be engaging their structures across the country to ensure that the autonomy of the ANCYL and its role as an integral part of the ANC is well understood. The ANC Officials have committed themselves to work with the ANC Youth League to implement its programme as part of rebuilding of the organisation.

Issue by:
Gwede Mantashe
Secretary General
African National Congress

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