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The South African Parliament Form

21 August 2014

The African National Congress hails the formal parliamentary resolution calling for the release of the remaining prisoners of the Cuban 5 who were arrested in 1998 for allegedly being involved in espionage against the United States of America. We believe that these compatriots did not target the USA but infiltrated Cuban elements that wanted to engage in terrorism to overthrow the Cuban government using Miami in the USA as a spring-board.

This is a historic and ground breaking move by the South African parliament. This resolution has elevated the issue of the Cuban five to a national issue thus joining many progressive countries who have resolved to challenge this injustice against the state of Cuba.

The ANC has embraced international solidarity as one of its pillars in the fight against apartheid and it managed to place the injustice of apartheid firmly on the international agenda. True to our internationalist outlook, this resolution will serve as a national platform to continue in our quest to pledge solidarity with our compatriots in Cuba who also paid dearly with their lives in fighting the erstwhile apartheid government.

We salute all the parties who stood up to be counted on this issue except for the DA that abstained from voting owing to their commitment to imperialism that ravaged the world with impunity.

We call on all spheres of government and the people of South Africa to join in placing this issue firmly on the national agenda in solidarity with our friends in Cuba and in unison with our friends the world over. Let us not allow this injustice of the American state security apparatus bully a Cuban sovereign state.

Issued by:
Gwede Mantashe
ANC Secretary General

Zizi Kodwa (082) 330 4910