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Second National Consultative Conference: Call to the People of South Africa - The ANC is with you

22 June 1985

We, delegates to the Second National Consultative Conference of the African National Congress, from all national groups, salute you, the heroic people of our country.

Brothers and Sisters, the old order in our country is coming to an end. The racist regime is losing ground. His morale is in decline. The Whites are splintered into hostile factions and parties. They can no longer sustain their old myths of baasskap, of a master race destined to rule over Black slaves for ever. All they can do now is to kill and corrupt.

The Black giant is rising to his feet, tall and strong. He is breaking the chains that have bound him for centuries. He is marching on in confidence and with strength to a new social order. He is determined to liberate not only himself but also the Whites themselves, whose lives have been corrupted by the apartheid system.

Brothers and Sisters, from this historic Conference we say to you that the end of apartheid is near. Our age-old dream of freedom, for which so many have sacrificed, is approaching realisation. Africa will come back. The people - all the people - will govern.

Unite, our people. We have a single goal. Those of us who are true liberators should not fight among ourselves. Let us not allow the enemy`s dirty tricks department to succeed in getting us to fight one another. We know how to debate and resolve our differences. Our spears are meant for use against the enemy and not to destroy each other.

Forward, our people, in a single mighty current. The struggle is yet hard. There will be many more sacrifices. There is no easy road to freedom. But we are on the advance. The enemy is falling back. Let us turn his retreat into a rout, the rout into collapse, collapse into surrender.

To those in the army, police and prison services of the regime and its Bantustan puppets, to those who administer the cruel laws against the people, we say: earn your place in the free South Africa that is coming, by organising to turn your guns against your masters: let your typewriters speak the truth. Let there be no place where the enemy can rest.

To all our people, in the factories, mines, on farms, the Bantustans, resettlement camps, schools and townships, churches, mosques, temples and synagogues, wherever you are, your place is in the struggle. The ANC is with you, your instrument, your weapon of unity, your spearhead of liberation.

Umkhonto we Sizwe is with you. It is the people`s army, your army, the death point of our mighty battle spear which strikes fear in the heart of every oppressor and exploiter. Join it. Fight in its glorious ranks to bring into existence now, a free, united, non-racial and democratic South Africa. We, the delegates, are resolved to intensify the struggle until final victory.

  • Organise, unite and act for the end of apartheid.
  • Work for the end of apartheid. Victory is in sight.
  • Pray for the end of apartheid. Our victory is within our grasp.
  • Fight for the end of apartheid. Our victory is assured.

Amandla Ngawethu! Matla ke a Rona! All Power to the People!

Source: Sechaba, August 1985