Objectives and Benefits of the Progressive Citizens` Forum

A programme of dialogue

The objective of this new and exciting Progressive Citizens` Forum programme is to provide a platform for dialogue between the ANC, its leadership and the subscribers to the programme, as well as to maintain and enhance relationships between them.

At the same time, these regular contributions will help the movement meet its obligations and enable it carry out its important and historic mandate.

Together we can indeed do more!


  • Upon joining the programme the subscriber receives a starter pack, which includes a welcome letter from the ANC Treasurer General,  together with a Certificate of Appreciation issued by the ANC Treasurer General and the Secretary General.
  • They will receive regular publications and communications from ANC headquarters, including ANC Today, NEC Bulletins and the Progressive Leader magazine.
  • Subscribers will be invited to at least two PCF exclusive political briefing events per year addressed by senior political leaders of the ANC. In addition, they will receive special invites to other ANC events from time to time.
  • They will also from time to time be invited to one of the ANC`s Presidential gala dinners for a nominal fee.
  • Subscribers will receive an annual ANC diary.
  • In the course of the year, subscribers will receive ANC memorabilia and/or token gifts such as ANC branded key rings, pens, etc.
  • Subscribers will qualify for special discounts on ANC merchandising products.