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Opening Remarks by National Chairperson, Cde Baleka Mbete at the ANC KZN Provincial Conference

6 November 2015, PMB Royal Show Grounds

The road to the KZN Provincial Conference has been - quite bumpy - to say the least.

An oasis moment in recent weeks was the National General Council of 8-11 October. It was focussed on its role, and opportunity to review the Policy process; i.e our implementation of the Resolutions of the 53rd National conference. Whether new matters needed to be noted for further processing at the next policy conference which itself will be part of the preparation for the 54th National Conference.

  • We commend the delegates of our 4th National General Council for a very productive, disciplined and constructive NGC.
  • I touch on the NGC to say that the movement would expect that the spirit of the NGC should prevail in this conference. Let us be focussed, disciplined and constructive.

Lastly I want to talk about UNITY.

- UNITY is the most fundamental of the founding principles of the ANC.

Let us be united in our understanding that none of us are as important as the ANC. Yes, we get into conferences with different perspectives on outcomes when it comes to who will lead beyond conference. Be that as it may, we are not enemies. If we were, we would be of no use to the ANC as delegates. That is to represent the views of our branches on the main discussion points that are on the agenda of conference.

- Let us be united in our understanding that the ANC has the historic mission to unite South Africans behind a programme to pursue the goals of the National Democratic Revolution. Our unity is an indispensable pre-requisite. When we are divided we are weak, we cannot be taken seriously by our people. Divided we cannot be a good example to our people whom we need to mould into a nation across class, gender and cultural lines.

This conference offers a platform for us to organise ourselves into a strong force, ahead of the local government elections. Against an on-going barrage of attacks from our detractors and outright enemies, we must know we do have an uphill road to climb. We cannot fail in this regard. Let us use the opportunity of this conference to ensure that failure is not an option. We must score a decisive victory to ensure that we get another mandate to pursue the National Development Plan to transform the lives of our people for the better. We dare not fail.

I hereby declare the 7th Provincial Conference of KwaZulu Natal open.