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NDC confirms CDE Fransman Suspension

20 April 2017

The National Disciplinary Committee (NDC) of the African National Congress (ANC) has confirmed its previous decision that Comrade Marius Fransman was guilty on two counts of misconduct and his membership of the ANC should be suspended for 5 years.

Acting NDC Chairperson, Comrade Susan Shabangu, said that by not attending the NDC hearing scheduled for today 20 April 2017, Comrade Marius denied himself a second opportunity to present his case and prove his innocence which he protested publicly after the allegation of sexual assault became public knowledge in January 2016.

The NDC has further expressed its disappointment that Comrade Marius, as a senior leader, misled the public a few weeks ago that he was cleared by the ANC National Disciplinary Committee of Appeals (NDCA) whereas in truth the Appeal Committee made the point in its finding that the referral back to the NDC was being done on a point of procedure to protect the integrity of the ANC; not because of any procedural irregularity committed by the NDC or on a point of law raised by the charged member.

In all the circumstances, the NDC was satisfied that Comrade Fransman was afforded a further opportunity of procedural fairness. He elected not to utilize it by not attending the scheduled hearing to present his evidence and that of his witness.

Issued by the National Disciplinary Committee of the African National Congress

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