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Letter of memorandum as handed over to the British High Commission in Pretoria: Dewani should be extradited to South Africa to stand trail

10 December 2012

Dear Comrades,

The African National Congress Women`s League in South Africa would like to express our immense concern at the ongoing extradition process of Shrien Dewani. We believe this process has been drawn out unnecessarily.

We implore the courts of the United Kingdom to consider the fact that justice needs to be served here in South Africa. The South African police worked tirelessly to solve the mystery surrounding Anni Dewani’s murder and have had a number of successful convictions. However the South African Police have accused Shrien Dewani as having a hand in his wife’s murder and we strongly believe he must stand trial for these charges.

A strong message needs to be sent to the international community that crime in South Africa, more especially crimes against women will not be tolerated and that South Africa is not a slaughter house where people alleged to have committed crimes can leave the country without standing trail.

We demand independent expert mental assessments to be carried out on Dewani to determine the true state of his mental health and then that he be extradited to stand trial in South Africa and face the charges he has been accused of.

The United Kingdom and South Africa have had good international relations co-operation and we are hoping to continue this positive relationship as two democracies who believe strongly in the processes of Justice.

Comradely yours

Mirriam Segabutla
ANCWL NEC Representative

Troy Martens
Anc Women`s League National Spokesperson
078 120 9880
011 376 1055