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A letter of gratitude from the Sisulu family

20 May 2003

The Sisulu family would like to express its deepest gratitude to the Friends, Comrades, People of South Africa, Africa and beyond, our Executive and Administrative Authorities, our Legislative, Judiciary and other Organs of State, Popular Movements and Political Parties, the Corporate Sector, the Religious Sector, Traditional Leaders, foreign missions, the Sports and Arts fraternities, Men and Women of the South African National Defence Force, South African Police Service, Intelligence Community and Medical Services, Members of the Press and fellow mourners for the overwhelming support that was given to us over the past two weeks.

The family home was inundated with calls, flowers, messages, visits as well as various offers of assistance.

In addition we would, in particular like to thank -

The President, National Ministers and the Presidency and its preparations for the honour bestowed on our father;
Former President Nelson Mandela who tended to our souls;
The Premier and the Government of the Gauteng Province;
The Mayor and City Council of Johannesburg who gave amazing service through the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police, City Power, City Parks and Public Works;
The Mayor and City Council of Tshwane

The African National Congress, especially the officials, and the committee that was established to run the arrangements for the funeral;
The neighbours who graciously accepted the inconvenience of daily traffic jams, those who presided over and attended memorial services

Our father`s doctors whose outstanding service ensured that he had quality of life to the end;
The paramedics who stayed with us right through the night of our father`s passing;
Family friends who watched over us

We were truly humbled by the overwhelming support, goodwill and kindness. It helped carry us through this difficult time.

From Presidents, VIP`s, and other local and foreign dignitaries and individual South African citizens who came to mourn with us, through to the residents of Soweto who lined the streets to the cemetery, private individuals who gave so much and those who kept us in their prayers, you have made us feel truly special. You have been our light in our darkest hour, our strength when our spirits waned and our rock when Xhamela left us.