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Letter from FW de Klerk to Nelson Mandela, 16 September 1992

16 September 1992

Mr N R Mandela

President of the African National Congress

P O Box 61884



Dear Mr Mandela

Thank you for your letter received per fax on the morning of 14 September 1992.

It is my conviction that the state of violence in our country and particularly con
Scent occurrences resulting in the loss or life, have made it inoperative for us to meet
urgently to discuss violence related issues: to give new direction and impetus :m the
search for solutions; and to fulfil our obligation to our people by becoming personally
involved in the exchange of ideas. This approach does not provide for the setting of

The original reaction from the ANC left  the impression with me that you were in
broad agreement with this approach. Your letter on Monday, however, seemed to indicate
that you would be prepared to meet me only after a number of wide ranging issues have been
resolved. This was followed by the publication in Tuesday's Star of an interview in which
you revealed a much more flexible approach. The Government publicly welcomed your

In the meantime, ideas on the meeting have been exchanged through Messrs  
Rarnaphosa and  Mayor. Bearing in mind the discussions that have already taken place
between them, news. paper reports asked other communications, I now formally propose that
we meet on a date which should be sealed within the next 48 hours by Messrs Ramaphosa and
Meyer. They can use attend to the practical arrangements such as the agenda, venue and
other details.

I agree that proper preparations should be made for the meeting and therefore that led
by them, should attempt to complete the record of understanding before the meeting. Should
they fail to do so, the outstanding items should be dealt with at the meeting itself.
  I am confident that agreement Can be reached on the record of understanding but
cannot agree to melee the fact of our meeting dependent or. that.

I am looking forward to an early and positive reply.

Yours sincerely