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Joint Communiqué of the ANC, the International Campaign Against Apartheid Sport and the South African Non-Racial Olympic Committee

24 February 1989, Lusaka

The ANC met with the International Campaign Against Apartheid Sport (ICAAS) and the South African Non-Racial Olympic Committee (SANROC) at its headquarters in Lusaka on 23rd and 24th February, 1989. Present at the meeting were ICAAS`s Chairman, Fekrou Kidane, and Sam Ramsamy, Executive Chairman of SANROC.

The main focus of the meeting was the international isolation of apartheid sport and how to assist the non-racial sports movement inside South Africa.

The meeting paid tribute to the various organisations inside South Africa for their commendable efforts to establish non-racial sport in the country. However, the meeting reaffirmed the policy agreed upon with the non-racial sports bodies inside South Africa that the creation of non-racial sports organisations does in no way, imply their immediate entry into international sports competitions.

The ANC was accordingly outraged by suggestions made by Dennis Brutus that it had given implicit approval for a change in the boycott policy. The ANC maintains contact with SANROC through its Executive Chairman, Sam Ramsamy, and with the non-racial sports movement inside South Africa on all matters relating to sport.

The meeting also recorded its gratitude to the many international organisations, governments, anti-apartheid movements and individuals who have contributed to the present isolation of apartheid sport. Appreciation was also extended to the International Olympic Committee for strengthening its stand against apartheid sport by establishing the commission, Apartheid and Olympism.

However, the meeting observed that there are countries which still maintain sports links with apartheid South Africa. It therefore examined various ways of applying pressure on these countries to end their collaboration with apartheid sport. The three organisations also met with the non-racial South African Amateur Athletics Board and discussed the further development and consolidation of nonracial sport in South Africa.

The ANC, ICAAS and SANROC agreed to maintain regular contact.