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Joint Communiqué of the ANC and the National Council of Trade Unions (NACTU)

3 May 1988

The ANC and NACTU met in Harare from May 2nd to May 3rd, 1988 to discuss matters of mutual concern, including the unity of the labour movement. The meeting was held in a calm and friendly atmosphere.

The NACTU delegation, led by Comrade James Mndaweni, President of NACTU, briefed the ANC on the intensification of the struggle against apartheid. The ANC delegation, led by Comrade Alfred Nzo, Secretary General of the ANC, briefed the NACTU delegation on the present situation in South Africa and the intensification of the armed struggle and importance of mass action in South Africa against apartheid.

The two organisations reviewed the repressive actions of the minority racist regime against the mass democratic movement and 18 activists, the legislative programme of the Botha government, including the Labour Relations Amendment Bill, the intended municipal elections of October 1988 and other issues of common concern.

In reviewing the situation in the Frontline States, the organisations appreciated the support and sacrifice of the people of the Frontline States against apartheid.

Both organisations recognised that Unity in Action is a prerequisite for the quick defeat of apartheid. To this end both organisations agreed that it was imperative for the labour movement inside the country to strive towards unity with the eventual objective of a single labour federation.

Both organisations reiterated their commitment to the creation of a united, democratic country, free of racism.