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DA Refuses to accept fair Electoral Defeat; Subjects its Councillors to Public Humiliation

14 June 2017

The African National Congress has noted reports that the DA has subjected their councillors in Mogale City Local Municipality, Gauteng to a lie detector test ahead of the vote to elect a new Mayor in the Council today. This cowardly move by the DA follows the outcome of a secret ballot in the Municipality last week where councillors voted with their conscience to remove DA Mayor Michael Holenstein. Coming from the hypocritical DA this action is not a surprise and serves only to demonstrate the party's moral bankruptcy and expose its unprincipled, untrustworthy leadership. In the process the party makes a mockery of the democracy they claim to uphold by not accepting defeat in a democratic process and subjects their councillors to public humiliation as a result.

With each passing day the DA continues to prove to South Africans that it is a party that cannot be trusted. Leaders of the DA will say and claim to fight for anything for purposes of political expedience, while in reality and within their own party they stand opposed and will enforce draconian measures against the very "freedoms" they claim they want for others. Driven by the need to protect white priviledge at all costs, the DA has become a tragicomedy of a party that champions non-racism and liberalism whilst it remains a fascist party that supports democracy in word only when it works to their favor.

Issued by the African National Congress
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National Spokesperson
Khusela Sangoni 072 854 5707
National Communications Manager