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The appointment of the Cabinet

25 May 2014

The African National Congress welcomes the new South African Cabinet as announced by President Zuma today, 25th May 2014. The Cabinet is a balanced and experienced corps of men and women who shall carry forward our nation`s hope and resolve for radical socio-economic transformation; the defining feature of the second phase of our transition and this fifth term of democratic governance. The most urgent need foreseen by the ANC for speedy and qualitative delivery of services as well for a stable and effective government.

The ANC applauds the President for a Cabinet that balances the imperatives of women empowerment and advancement, continuity and change as well as geographical spread with the unwavering commitment to competence and service. It is our belief that the cabinet, as announced, espouses the qualities necessary for the task ahead, guided by the National Development Plan, to decisively confront unemployment, poverty and inequality in an equitable and accountable manner.

We further welcome the bold and decisive steps taken by the President to re-organise and refocus government departments. We believe that these changes will lead to greater cost effectiveness and more effective monitoring of the work of government. The number of government ministries has not increasedas a result.

The ANC congratulates all the men and women who have been called to serve our people in various capacities at both national and provincial spheres of government. Our people have placed their confidence, hopes and aspirations for a better life in our hands. We dare not disappoint them and the commitments we have made.

Now is the time to to pool our collective energies to the task at hand to create a South Africa that is even better than it is today.We have full confidence in the ability of our public reoresentatives to fulfill the commitment made by President Zuma that the fifth democratically elected administration will serve our people with humility, commitment and dedication.

The African National Congress calls upon on all South Africans join us in pledging our support to the new Cabinet, committing to work together to move South Africa forward.

Issued by:
Gwede Mantashe
Secretary General
African National Congress

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