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ANC vindicated in Sihle Bolani "Black Ops" matter

8 June 2017

The African National Congress welcomes the decision by the South Gauteng High Court on Tuesday to dismiss with costs the application for summary judgement brought by Ms Sihle Bolani against the ANC. The African National Congress has consistently maintained that the organization had no relationship with Ms Bolani nor any knowledge of the so-called "black ops" campaign she claims she was involved in towards the 2016 Local Government Elections. We are thus vindicated by this judgment and welcome the clarity it finally provides on the matter.

Since its establishment in 1912, the African National Congress has always depended on the just basis of its cause and the superiority of its ideals to build a united, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous society to gain the support of our people for their own liberation. The 1994 democratic breakthrough provided an opportunity for the popularly elected government of the people to pursue its transformative policies as part of the agenda to create a better life for all. Together as a country, we have recorded compelling achievements in the economy, improving the living standards of our people, education, health and the fight against crime.

Despite what is becoming habitual pessimism by some amongst us in society, independent research undertaken by the South African Institute of Race Relations tells the good story that, amongst others, the number of Black people with jobs has more than doubled, with African people employed moving from 4 980 000 in 1994 to 11 625 000 in 2015 under the ANC led government. African professional employees increased by 176% since 2000 while the number of African management employees increased by 191%. Increases of a similar magnitude are true for Coloured and Indian employees. The number of white management and professional employees has increased at a much slower rate, showing the extent to which racial transformation has taken place in the world of work.

In line with our quest to restore the dignity of every man, woman and child, the number of households living in a formal house increased by 131.3% between 1994 and 2016. Families living in a formal house increased on average by 1 042 per day since 1996, while those living in a shack increased by 102. In other words, for every family that moved into a shack, ten moved into a formal house.

These are but some of the many achievements of the ANC-led government. Despite the depressed economic environment, the battle to create jobs, combat crime and corruption continues. It is this track record of success, commitment and superior ideas which the ANC relies on in every election to continue winning the hearts and minds of our people. It has never and will never be on the basis of some concerted black ops campaign that the ANC engages with our people.

Issued by the African National Congress

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