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ANC statement on president's question session

2 November 2017

The African National Congress lauds President Jacob Zuma for his continuing and undeterred commitment to account to the people of South Africa by regularly appearing before Parliament to answer questions on a number of the most pressing issues facing South Africa today.

Question put to the President for oral reply today included amongst others the work of the Presidential Infrastructure Coordinating Commission, job creation, and government's response to climate change.

Question and answer sessions with the President are in line with Parliament exercising its constitutional responsibility to scrutinize and oversee Executive Actions and the ANC unambiguous commitment to a people centered democracy.

The President's fulfilment of his obligations to Parliament and to the electorate stand in stark contrast to the wanton behaviour of the Democratic Alliance (DA) which today once again showed its disrespect for the people of South Africa by staging a walkout during the President's question time.

This evidences a political immaturity unbecoming of a official opposition in a democratic state.
Walkouts have regrettably become the default position of the DA in Parliament and are taking place with increased regularity.

Not only do DA MP's disrupt the National Assembly frequently by walking out mid-session, but since the start of the year DA MP's have also taken to walking out of committee meetings whilst they are underway.

The ANC congratulates its MP's for their resoluteness and commitment to their constituents by dedicating their time in Parliament to working.

The people of South Africa have a legitimate expectation that their elected representatives should devote their energies to the business of Parliament, and not to orchestrating theatrical hijinks tailored for the television cameras.

Issued by the African National Congress

Zizi Kodwa
082 330 4910
National Spokesperson

Khusela Sangoni
072 854 5707
National Communications Manager