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ANC statement on nominations

22 October 2012

The Africa National Congress is satisfied with progress made since the opening of the National Conference nominations process at the beginning of October. We have now activated the conference Electoral Commission and as well as the agency. Given this progress we are certain to meet all our targeted timelines as per our plans.

The ANC branches have started with their BGMs that will select delegates and as well as nominate candidates for the ANC leadership. It is expected that once these processes have been completed they will culminate in each province convening a Provincial Nomination Conference that will consolidate all nominations from the branches.

Given the centrality of the branches of the ANC in the nomination process, we urge our structures to allow branches the space to engage in meaningful discussion as per the directive of the ANC NEC with a view to making informed decisions in their nominations. Our structures particularly our leagues, ANC provinces, individual NEC members and alliance partners, should resist the temptation to pre-empt the current discussions by announcing their preference.

In the history of the ANC, we have, with our alliance partners, respected each organisation`s independence by not interfering in the decision making process when electing leadership. Adherence to that conduct will benefit the critical processes of leadership assessment and informed nominations. We believe that this will assist in ensuring that branches are the primary organs of the ANC and they should determine the outcome and should not be influenced unduly.

Issued by:
Gwede Mantashe
ANC Secretary General
African National Congress

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