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ANC statement on new IAAF Regulations on female testosterone

The African National Congress (ANC) notes with great concern the International Association of Athletes Federation's (IAAF) new regulations on female testosterone. More concerning, these laws target amongst others Caster Semenya who has been over the past decade constantly put under undue pressure.

The ANC has always understood sport as a unifier and a tool to bring people and nations together. It is for this reason and many that the ANC cannot ignore the attempt by the IAAF to discriminate and exclude athletes. These new regulations infringe on the Human Rights of athletes, targeting mainly those in East Europe, Asia and the African continent. The racial undertones of this cannot go unnoticed.

The regulations are a painful reminder of our past where an unjust government specifically legislated laws for certain activists in society to stifle their fight against an unjust system. The IAAF uses the same tactic to exclude those who have defined the past decade as champions and treasures of their home countries.

We call on government to challenge this grossly unfair, unjust and blatant racist attempt by the IAAF to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and have these regulations set aside. The ANC will stand with Caster Semenya in yet another attempt by international sport bodies to exclude and discriminate against her. We call on all sportsloving people to stand and defend athletes against these anti-sport regulations that will not only prevent athletes from participating in sporting events but will also infringe on their Human Rights.

Issued by the African National Congress

Pule Mabe 071 623 4975
National Spokesperson

Donovan Cloete 071 461 2989
National Communications Manager