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ANC Statement introducing the Western Cape Head of Elections

23 April 2018

We are here to formally introduce Comrade Ebrahim Rasool as Provincial Elections Head for the Western Cape. Comrade Rasool needs no introductions in this province having served as its most successful premier. Under premier Rasool, the poor came first, tangible improvements in people's lives were evident, government was not just focussed on smokes and mirrors then but real changes.

We will all recall that Comrade Rasool did warn the DA government about the looming water crisis. Instead of the DA government attending to drought planning, we know that the opposite occurred, where water was abused and local infrastructure not maintained. People of the Western Cape have correctly said the ANC has not attended to their cries. We cannot abandon our people in the face of such difficulties that have visited them.

Transformation of the economy and the workspaces remain at the bottom in the Western Cape. Coloured and Africans in particular remain in the periphery of the economy. The infighting we have seen in the Cape Metro has taken needed resources away from the people.

The DA itself appears to be in agreement with the ANC that the chaos it has introduced at the Cape Town Metro has caused service delivery challenges. In this regard we saw the leader of the DA coming to the City to take over a city function of managing the water crisis. In essence the DA national office has put the Cape Town Metro under administration. The question now is how come the MEC allowed this illegal taking over of local government by a political party leader to occur.

Our people from Mitchells Plain to Khayelitsha want a responsive community policing strategy; our campaign will focus on this as well.

The DA has shown to be un-interested in investing funds on social upliftment programmes. We will organize our people to come together in this regard.

The dis-allocation of resources from the poor into the richer areas is something that has serious social hazards - we want to campaign on this and let all stakeholders understand the importance of driving equality amongst people. Comrade Rasool will work with a team accountable to the the leadership collective of the ANC in the Western Cape and ultimately, our National ANC leadership.

We want to see coloureds and africans taking centre stage in economic transformation of this province. They must feel like a part of the province and not mere labourers. This includes land tenure and ownership rights for farm labourers too.

For the ANC, the campaign in the Western Cape is more than about political power but a call to save our people from the pits of evident economic and social catastrophe which has pitted races against each other with no hope for change. The tri-cameral political management of the people by the DA is not conducive for our democratic principles.

Issued by the African National Congress

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