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ANC statement following a successful Thuma Mina Campaign Provincial roll-out

5 August 2018

The African National Congress embarked on a successful nationwide Thuma Mina campaign from Friday, 3rd August to Sunday, 5th August 2018. The ongoing Thuma Mina campaign is a clarion call to all structures of the ANC to reconnect with communities and work with them to address their day-to-day challenges. Through the Thuma Mina campaign, ANC structures and members facilitate the immediate resolution of challenges confronting citizens.

Provincial, regional and branch structures of the ANC in all the 53 regions throughout the country engaged communities and attended to a range of service delivery issues, including but not limited to:

  • Fixing of potholes
  • Fixing gravel roads
  • Cleaning of illegal dumping sites
  • Awareness campaigns to alleviate unhygienic dumping sites

During this past weekend our structures, working together with relevant institutions, once more ensured that thousands of title deeds were issued to qualifying citizens. This is part of restoring the dignity of our people who continue to bear the brunt of the legacy of land dispossession.

Other interventions included handing out of blankets to the elderly, fixing structural problems in pre-schools to create a conducive learning environment as well as distributing sanitary towels to schools that are in most need.

The campaign weekend culminated in public meetings with our structures giving feedback to communities on what had been raised as concerns.

The ANC is satisfied that the Thuma Mina campaign achieved its objective of ensuring that our communities' concerns and voices found expression in the programmes of the organisation and of the ANC government.

The African National Congress appreciate the support it continues to get from the people; through the participation, dedication and commitment of its volunteers, we are certain that the spirits of Tat' uNelson Mandela and Mam' uAlbertina Sisulu lives.

The ANC is encouraged by the positive feedback on the ongoing nationwide roll-out of the Thuma Mina campaign which places our movement at the centre of leading society.


Pule Mabe
National Spokesperson
071 623 4975