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ANC statement on the Eastern Cape and the List process

5 April 2011

The African National Congress is satisfied with the deeply democratic outcome of our list process. We have achieved ANC policy on gender parity, representation and continuity. This will ensure that we win large numbers of wards even in opposition strong holds. We acknowledge that the selection process has had its challenges given the fact that it is a new and necessary approach to candidate selection. We are confident that this approach will ensure greater accountability of our candidates.

We had a total of four court cases emanating from individuals from the Eastern Cape who are members of the ANC. These cases did not stand a legal process on the grounds of the court decision. We are concerned with the consistency of those involved. Ordinary members of the ANC do not have resources that can pursue the matter to the level of the high court unless there are faceless people that are bank rolling these court cases.

Four people have been arrested who were in possession of a hit list. This has demonstrated the extent to which the situation has deteriorated in the Eastern Cape. This type of threat will not deter the intentions of the ANC and ANC candidates to fulfill our mandate to the people of South Africa. We remain steadfast in our commitment to achieve the following:

  • Build local economies to crate more employment, decent work and sustainable livelihoods
  • Improve local public services ad broaden access to them
  • Build more united, non-racial, integrated and safer communities.
  • Promote more active community participation in local government and
  • Ensure more effective, accountable and clean local government that works together with national and provincial government

We call on our structures to distance themselves from those seeking personal gain. We want to warn all those that bringing the organization into disrepute that they run the risk of excluding themselves from the organization. As the ANC we will not tolerate unwarranted diversions that are informed by counter revolutionary agendas.

Issued by:
Secretary General
African National Congress

Keith Khoza
Manager Communications unit: 082 823 9672