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ANC statement on the attempted assassination of the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro

5 August 2018

The African National Congress has learned with shock of the attempted assassination of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela's President, His Excellency Comrade Nicolas Maduro.

The abhorrent attack reportedly happened as President Madura was delivering a keynote address on the 81st anniversary of the National Bolivarian Guard.

At least two explosions in aerial devices (drones) reportedly occurred in front of the President's podium and it is believed that they were directed towards the President and the group of high-ranking officials that were on the platform.

The ANC condemns these attacks and attempt at the life of President Madura in the strongest possible terms. These barbaric acts have no place in the democratic and peace-loving world.

We applaud the security personnel who ensured that the lives of President Madura and those who were in close proximity were spared. It is also to the credit of the security personnel that damage was minimal.

The ANC wishes all the injured speedy recovery. We wish the President and people of Venezuela strength during this difficult time.

We are concerned that these were not the first attacks in Venezuela. It is clear that regime change agents and imperialist forces do not want to accept or respect the independence of the people of Venezuela and their democratically elected government. These agents seek to reverse the recently announced measures for economic recovery that are intended to bring stability, tranquility and prosperity to the people of Venezuela.

The ANC urges the government of Venezuela to get to the bottom of these attacks and to do everything to arrest this scourge. The Venezuelan government must conduct thorough investigation and bring all involved to book.

We pledge solidarity with the government and people of Venezuela and urge them to continue defending and consolidating the gains of democracy and peace in their land.


Pule Mabe
National Spokesperson
071 623 4975