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ANC statement after its meeting with ANCVL

3 July 2012

The African National Congress met with National leadership of the ANC Veterans League today, to discuss amongst other things the recent public pronouncements by the League`s President, Comrade Sandi Sejaki on the President of the ANC Comrade Jacob Zuma, the leadership of the ANC and the conference in Mangaung. The ANCVL expressed their disappointment on the pronouncements he made and they collectively distanced themselves from the reckless and unwarranted comments.

This meeting follows a number of negative comments Comrade Sejake made in relation to the NEC, President Zuma and Mangaung. He has made comments to the effect that the ANCVL support the view that the current leadership of the ANC including President Jacob Zuma will be removed in the ANC national conference to be held in Mangaung in December this year. On these issues Comrade Sejake spoke out of turn and sought to undermine the decision of the ANC NEC as an NEC member, and sought to influence or instigate against the NEC and the President outside of the established framework. In response to these, the leadership of the veterans league clarified that they have not adopted such a position and therefore did not mandate Comrade Sejake. The ANC views his conduct as being inconsistent with his responsibility as the President of the ANCVL.

The ANC values the experience and commitment demonstrate by its veterans over time. Veterans are generally regarded as the people beyond reproach whose integrity is highly regarded. Over time, these stalwarts of our movement, have played a role of advising and guiding the organization to deal with challenges in an unassuming and dispassionate manner. It is therefore concerning when a senior member of the organisation gets entangled in polarized and divisive pronouncements.

The ANC calls on Comrade Sejake to desist from a conduct that will undermine the contribution he has made to ensure that the ANC became a vibrant and resilient organisation to a point of celebrating a centenary.

Issued by:
Gwede Mantashe
Secretary General
African National Congress

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