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ANC response to the DA claims on jobs

11 February 2014

The Stats SA Quarterly Report on Labor reports that 1 million more South Africans are employed bring the total number of employed people over 15 million, the highest it has ever been in the history of our country.

The report shows that the interventions by the ANC led government in various sectors such as Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Tourism Trade; Aqua Culture amongst others is making good progress.

The Western Cape does show the best result if one looks at the report, however the areas in which jobs were created such as the manufacturing, Tourism Trade, Private Households, and Finance are not areas in which the Western Cape government has had any influence.

On the contrary the deliberate intervention of National government departments such as Tourism, Economic Development and the Dti have seen the creation of new industries in Atlantis with the development of Electrical works factories. In the West Coast of the province, the Aqua culture jobs created were the initiative of the National Department of Agriculture and the upswing in the Construction Industry has been the direct result of National Infrastructure Development Programme.

The Western Cape government in real terms has lost 8000 jobs in the government sector, whilst national government employment has increased by 98 000 jobs.

Over the last 4 and half years if we analyze where job growth has been the most sustainable it has been in Gauteng and in Limpopo. We would wish for more jobs to be created in the Western Cape and elsewhere, but we think it is disingenuous of the DA to try and claim the reasons for the creation of jobs.

When the country should be celebrating having achieved 15.1 million jobs the highest level of employment ever in our history the Desperate Alternative seeks to bring the country down and claim for itself what it did not achieve.

The ANC is determined to take South Africa forward, working together will all those who have the interests of our nation at heart.

Issued by
Jessie Duarte
Deputy Secretary General