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ANC Provincial and Local Government Review Summit closing remarks by the chairperson of the ANC NEC Subcommitte on Legislature and Governance, Cde Noma-India Mfeketo

4 December 2010

Comrades, we have reached the end of a meaningful. constructive and thought-provoking summit.

I am certain that I speak on behalf of every one gathered here this morning when i say that deliberations were conducted in a frank, respectful and disciplined manner, and for this we are entirely grateful.

Comrades our country has undergone a remarkable transformation since its democratic transition in 1994. The Provincial and local government spheres are required to meet the developmental needs of the people through the delivery of basic services and economic growth. The legal regime, systems and structures established in the transformation phase, are the most appproriate and relevent for a developmental state . However the actual implementation has proven to be more diffucult and as a results service delivery and economic growth continues to experience set backs.

The ANC is at the cutting edge of ensuring that the attributes of the developmental state are realised by all spheres of government. It is our central task to ensure that we develop policies that will ensure rapid service delivery and economic growth.

We thank the SG for a very inspirational and thought-provoking input. He challenged us to deal with some of the key isssues pertaining to governance. The SG posed the most relevent questions for the summit to reflect on. Most of all we sincerely thank him for dedicating two days of his time to this summit.

We have also received meaningful inputs from our panelists, namely Comrades Zweli Mkhize, Ace Magashule, Lassy Chiwayo, Lindiwe Maseko and Mpho Nawa. The inputs by these comrades gave us a refelection of what the historic positions of the ANC are and the current challenges we face in implementation. Let us also thank the panel for their insightful inputs and valuable time spent at the conference.

Comrades, clearly the alliance partners has once again lived up to the real spirit and principles that underpin the relationship between the Alliance Partners. The input by the Secretary General of COSATU, Comrade Vavi, was extremely frank and most importantly it reaffirmed the solid support of COSATU for the ANC. We sincerely thank Comrade Vavi for his input. The Deputy President of SANCO also demonstrated to us the civic nature of the organisation. Their grasp of key issues affecting our communities was evident in their input. Comrades, let us also thank SANCO for their valued contribution.

The elections input by Comrade Jesse Duarte has demonstrated the challenges ahead of us in the next local government elections. We need to digest the input and share the perspectives with other comrades in our provinces, regions and branches.

I am very pleased with the quality of the engagements in the plenary and the commissions.

This summit was a critical milestone towards the refinment of our policy, legislative architecture and design. The current policies were designed by us and we deemed them fit then, however, the challenge is to sharpen these policies for accelerated service delivery.

This summit has touched on critical matters as directed by the National Conference in Polokwane in 2007. We consideredred the following issues;

  1. The role and agenda of provincial governments
  2. The powers and functions of provinces and municipalities
  3. The viability and sustainability of municipalities
  4. The fiscal arrangement
  5. The next local government elections

The L&G subcommittee will consolidate and finalize the report of the summit and present it to the next NEC meeting.

Let us also be mindful that the summit was preparing for the policy conference and national conference to be held in 2012.

The outcomes of this summit, after the deliberations at the NEC, will be distrubuted to all our branches for consideration.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the members of L&G Sub-Committee who contributed in making this summit a resounding success.

I wish to also thank all the members of the Technical Commiittee who, since the NGC, worked very hard to prepare for this Summit. This included the logisitcal arrangements, preparation of conference papers securing bags, etc. Well done to that team and all ANC cadres who made this Summit possible.

More importantly I also take this opportunity to thank all delegates who attended. Remember, that without you, there would have been no Summit.

I am also compelled to echo the SG`s apology for any inconvenience experienced by some Provinces in preparing for and attending this Summit. I am confident that you will go back saying the Summit was worth attending.

Travel well comrades and take a well end break with family and friends over the festive season. Remember "Arrive Alive"