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ANC NWC statement on the visit to Mpumalanga Province

3 November 2009

The African National Congress National Working Committee (ANC NWC) met with its branches, regions as well as the Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) in Mpumalanga for two days, the 1st to the 2nd of November 2009.

This interaction was first and foremost to find out whether structures of the ANC are cohesive and functional. Furthermore, the NWC intended to hear for itself from the branches the causes of the waves of service delivery protests in Mpumalanga.

Our branches raised a number of concerns during our meetings and also made a number of allegations. Some of the concerns reflected on the functionality of our branches. The branches also told the NWC that the reasons that accounts for the service delivery protests phenomenon are in the main factionalism and divisions within the ANC in the province. It was also highlighted that additional reasons for this phenomenon are the incapacity of some municipal councillors to first do their work and secondly to keep communities informed of what they are doing or are unable to do. Communication with communities has been identified as a major contributing factor.

The branches of the ANC also raised issues of deployment of councillors and the perceived lack of a retention strategy for experienced councillors which gives rise to new councillors being brought in every time when there are local government elections, and the learning curve continuing to be experienced at the expense of communities who needs to have service delivery.

The NWC after interacting with all structures in the province, including the PEC, has decided to institute a further investigation and verification of the allegations that have been made particularly about divisions and factionalism in the province. It will in due course appoint a team that will be working together with the PEC and all structures in the province to look deeper into the strings of allegations that were made in the various meetings by branches and the team will report back to the NWC after completion of its investigations. The NWC and NEC will then be guided by the actual findings of this team on what action or actions it needs to take in the Mpumalanga province.

The NWC further decided to extend its visits to other provinces. A programme in this regard will be developed. The NWC has also decided to convene a special NEC meeting where a report will be tabled and a discussion undertaken on the state of the organisation in the entire country. This discussion will inform the programme of organisational renewal with specific focus on strengthening the structures of the ANC.

We want to comment on the public attack on the person of the Treasurer General of the ANC, Cde Matthews Phosa, by the Gauteng Young Communist League (YCL). We must emphasise that personal attacks and the vilifications are the surest way of derailing and killing any debate.

No leader of the ANC, including Cde Matthews, will make policy pronouncements based on sentiments. We will base our public pronouncements on policy positions and resolutions taken by the ANC constitutional structures.

The loose reference to the Freedom Charter by the YCL of Gauteng, serves to hide the actual content. In the bilateral with our Alliance partners on Monday, the 9th November 2009, we will seriously raise our concern on the attack of our Treasurer General.

Issued by:
ANC Secretary General
Gwede Mantashe

Jackson Mthembu 0823708401
Ishmael Mnisi 0823335550