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ANC NDAC concludes appeals hearing over expelled members

23 June 2009

The African National Congress (ANC) National Disciplinary Appeals Committee met over the weekend (20-21 June 2009) at Bisho (Eastern Cape province) to conduct appeal hearings on ANC members and councillors who were expelled by the party.

The NDAC upheld the decision by the Provincial Disciplinary Committee (PDC) to immediately expel 55 Councillors who violated Rule 25.5 of the ANC Constitution.

The Councillors are barred from being members of the ANC for seven year (2016).

Rule 25.8 (c) of the ANC constitution states: Any member found guilty of the misconduct referred in Rule 25.5. (m) and (n), shall be ineligible to be or remain a member, and shall be expelled from the organisation.

Therefore any member standing in an election for local, provincial or national government or acts as the election agent or canvasser for a person standing for such election in opposition to a candidate duly endorsed by the ANC NEC or PEC or any members joining a political organisation or party other than the ANC or a party in alliance with the ANC shall have constituted misconduct in respect of which disciplinary proceedings may be invoked and instituted against such a members.

Issued by:
Jessie Duarte
ANC National Spokesperson

Ishmael Mnisi 082 333 5550