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ANC condemns false and reckless reporting

14 November 2008

The African National Congress condemns as false, reckless and grossly insensitive a report on the front page of The Times today (14 November 2008) alleging that an ANC employee has been dismissed for allegedly leaking internal documents.

The ANC wishes to place the following on record:

  • The ANC has not, as The Times claims, fired the employee, Vuyisa Manyandela.
  • The ANC has not initiated any disciplinary action against Manyandela.
  • The ANC will only take disciplinary action on the basis of firm evidence of wrongdoing. The ANC does not act against individuals on the basis of rumour.
  • If any person has any evidence of any wrongdoing by any ANC employee, they should make that information available to the ANC Secretary General.

By publishing rumour as fact, The Times has done immeasurable harm to the reputation and dignity of a young woman. It has also caused great distress.

The ANC condemns unreservedly those who would make anonymous allegations against an individual in the press without providing firm evidence or following the organisation`s established procedures.

The ANC demands that The Times publish a front page apology, giving equal prominence to the facts as it has given to its false claims.

Issued by:
Jessie Duarte
African National Congress

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