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African National Congress NEC statement

31 March 2014

The National Executive Committee of the African National Congress met on the 28 - 29 March 2014 at the President Protea Hotel in Cape Town. This was a regular meeting that discussed the overview by the President, state of the organisation, report on elections, 20 years of democracy, the international situation and the Nkandla report by the Public Protector.

Guided by the overview of the President, the NEC affirmed and re-committed itself to high levels of public accountability and the protection of independent institutions created by our constitution. The NEC agreed that the government needs to strengthen communication particularly on the achievements of the last 20 years as espoused by the 20-year review. In this regard the NEC heartilywelcomed the 20-year review.

The NEC has committed itself to continue to talk to our people on any matter that affects them; we also believe that building of trust should be at the heart of such interaction. What we have observed in the public discourse, are the high levels of discussion on corruption; a clear reflection that we have pitched our standards as a country high and we should correctly continue to do so. We also need to move from talking to acting by working together in fighting corruption.

The meeting noted with concern the international trend of regime - change methods that are projected as protecting democracy while in essence undermining it. Elected governments are undermined and dislodged in many regions with Ukraine being the latest and Venezuela being threatened as well. We have directed our government to deal with these disturbing trends in international forums including the United Nations and Africa Union.

We have equally observed that an elected government in Egypt was removed forcefully and the ANC holds a position that any government, which takes power through unconstitutional methods, is acting contrary to the constitutive act of the AU.
SA as a member of the AU supports the decision by the AU to suspend Egypt from participating in its activities.

The NEC raised concerns about senior cadres of the movement who do not bother engaging structures of the movement, but talk negatively about these structures in the public domain. It was resolved that such individuals should be engaged.

Arising from issues raised on our door to door election campaign, which the NEC has directed that all be attended to, it was decided that an in-depth research be commissioned to look into the best way of dealing with jobs particularly that do not require high level of skills that get taken by foreign nationals, equally such an in-depth research should also look into small trading impact by foreign nationals. It was agreed that once the research has been completed and the report compiled, further discussion will be undertaken with a view to refine our immigration policy.

Detailed assessment of the 2014 national election campaign was undertaken and we are satisfied with the work done thus far. Our success in the various by-elections and the fact that the ANC continues to receive and welcome members from almost all parties who join the organisation, illustrates the confidence people have in our glorious movement.

Whilst we will be stepping up our election campaign in these last remaining days, and work on whatever areas that require specific attention, we are nonetheless confident that the ANC will win these coming elections overwhelmingly.

The NEC used the last day of its meeting, to engage in an election campaign in Cape Town. We are quite pleased with the reception received and this bodes well for our election campaign.

The NEC received the annual report on the state of the organisation which is work in progress. The report covered all the committees of the NEC, the provinces and the Leagues. The NEC was satisfied with the functionality of all its structures. This annual organizational report presented to the meeting is the first segment of the report to be presented to the National General Council that the NEC resolved to hold on the 26 to 29 June 2015. Representatives of Limpopo ANC structure, who were attending the NEC for the first time following their successful conference, were welcomed.

Based on the work of the NEC Sub-committees, the NEC resolved that the issue of set top boxes must be finalized as a matter of urgency to ensure that digital migration happens within the agreed time frames. Following the amendment of the MineralAnd Petroleum Resources Development Act (MPRDA) regulations, caution must be taken to ensure that Gas and Oil industry are pursued on a sustainable foundation. It was further agreed to strengthen the state owned companies.

With regards to the security upgrades at Nkandla, the NEC noted both the reports of the investigations undertaken on this matter. The NEC further expressed its satisfaction with the responses and work undertaken by our officials and the NWC on this matter. It further noted that there are processes that need to be given a chance, like the pending report of the President expected in due course and progress on the work of the Special Investigation Unit.

The NEC has been humbled by the generous offer Madiba made in including the ANC as part of his estate. The NEC considers the bequest to be a singular honor that Madiba has bestowed to his movement and we consider such honor and generosity to be more valuable that any monetary value that can be attached to the gesture. The NEC has therefore resolved to create programmes named after Madiba in taking his legacy forward. These programmes will find concrete expressions in our political education unit and policy institute, in keeping with the last wishes of Madiba.

Issued by
Gwede Mantashe
Secretary General
African National Congress

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