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Address by President Jacob Zuma at the ANC Siyanqoba Rally

31 July 2016,, Ellis Park Stadium, Johannesburg

Chairperson Comrade Baleka Mbete
Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosaand all National Officials
Members of the National Executive Committee
Leadership of our dependable allies, the SACP, COSATU and SANCO
Leadership of our vibrant leagues, the ANC Women's League (Malibongwe), ANC Youth League (Roar Young Lions Roar) and the esteemed ANC Veterans League,
Leaders and members of uMkhontoweSizwe Military Veterans Association,
Religious and Traditional Leaders,
Business Leaders and leaders of civil society,
Members of the Diplomatic Corps,
Fellow South Africans
Comrades and friends

The ANC extends warm greetings to all the people of the Republic of South Africa.

Sibingelela bonke abantu base-Ningizimu Afrika, njengoba siphothula umkhankaso wethu obuvutha umlilo, wokhethobohulumeni basekhaya.

We have spent the past few weeks talking to our people in a vigorous door to door campaign to renew our mandate with our people.

We have been reporting back to our people on what we have done in the past few years. We have received feedback from you on what we should do better in the next five years.

We are more optimistic about the future of our country than ever before, following this engagement with our people.

South Africa has changed considerably in the past few years because of the hard work of our people, led by the ANC.

In the past our people lived in dirty, dusty townships and villages and many still do.

The future entails the creation of viable small towns and vibrant metro cities where our people can earn a living.

We are already moving towards that direction.

In 1994 when we took over as the democratic government, just over fifty percent of households had access to clean piped water, and today over ninety five percent of our people enjoy access to clean piped water.

Added to this, we continue to provide six thousand-kilo liters of water to the poor for free.

We have done exceptionally well to build our metro cities and we are proud of their performance.

Johannesburg metro, theĀ  headquarters of the ANC, has received many international accolades for the good work that has been done by the ANC government to transform this city. Johannesburg is the gateway to the South African economy.

It is a great African city, a true African metropolis where people from many parts of the world gather and live. It is a financial hub and a thriving industrial centre.

Johannesburg is a city where the arts come alive. Initiatives such as the Maboneng precinct give young designers and artisans room to experiment, explore and grow in new forms of industry.

It is a city with free wifi, especially for our Youth and students to keep them connected to each other and the world at large.

Johannesburg's transportation servicecontinues to improve.

The taxi system, Reya Vaya-Bus Rapid Transit system, the GauTrain and a functional train and city bus service enables our people to move around the city more rapidly than they have ever done so in the past.

Ekurhuleni is the home of the internationally acclaimed OR Tambo airport, the gateway to our country and to Africa.

A variety of industries have settled in this area.

Ekurhuleni has introduced a concept of an airport city, an aerotropolis, and serves as a multimodal commercial core. Many industries and inward investments will flow from this important initiative.

Importantly, Ekurhuleni is the host ofa manufacturing plant which will build locally manufactured train coaches.

This critical hub provides onsite maintenance and engineering services, a training facility for railway-specific artisan skills and an engineering centre of excellence.

The good work will continue over the next five years.

Fellow South Africans

The ANC will continue to use every opportunity to create jobs at a local level through ensuring that wherever there are big projects, locally sourced goods and services are to be used.

We will take forward projects that create employment for our youth.

Our well-run capital city, Tshwane Municipality, has done very well in investing in youth development.

The city has created a project called Tshepo-ten thousand, a youth economic empowerment and job creation programme where the city recruited and trained ten thousand youth to enable them to provide goods and services to city.

This successful youth friendly city isalso famous for the extension wifi so that our young people can connect with the economy and to enhance education.

Tshwane is also transforming the face of the city with street names that reflect the heroes and heroines of our struggle.

It is a great South African city with a very bright future under the leadership of the ANC.

Asinavalo eTshwane, sisebenzakanzima! Tshwane is the home of the ANC.

In the Free State, Mangaung metro, the birthplace of the ANC, has renovated tourist attractions in the city.

Mangaung has improved the signage of streets and has ensured adequate levels of public safety in road transport in order to maximise business opportunities and to regulate and improve safety, reliability, quality and efficiency of services.

Mangaung has a great future under the leadership of the ANC.

In the Eastern Cape, the ANCĀ  government will revive Dimbaza in the Buffalo city metro as a key industrial service centre. This decision will result in the creation of jobs in that city.

Fellow South Africans,

The Freedom Charter instructed us to provide shelter to our people.

To this end, the ANC government has made strides in providing homes tomillions of our people.

We have provided close to four millionsubsidised housing opportunities, which serves as home to twelve million five hundred thousand South Africans.

Our people receive an RDP house for free, but they also get the land upon which the house is built for free.

We have handed over many ownership title deeds throughout the country.The Nelson Mandela Bay metro in the Eastern Cape has done remarkablywell in the past year with regards to housing.

It has handed over many title deeds and the city has budgeted over four billion rand for new housing developments.

We are also proud of the changes that have taken place in Nelson Mandela in the past year.

The Municipality has one billion rand in the bank, thanks to improved financial management.

Asinavalo eBhayi, sisebenza kanzima. I-Bhayi ikhaya le-ANC.


The ANC believes that every human being deserves dignity. The ANC believes that water is life and that sanitation is dignity. Every human being deserves these services.

Today eighty percent of our people have access to dignified sanitation services.

Our people also deserve to have electricity in their homes to improve living conditions.

Already the ANC has delivered electricity to a record eighty six percent households throughout the country.

We commit to improve on this figure through a mixed grid system that will include coal generated electricity, hydro electricity and gas. We are alsoinvestigating the prospects of nuclear energy, which we shall deliver at a cost and
pace that government can afford.

We also continue to provide 60 kilo watts per hour of electricity to the poor for free.

Some of our metros have done exceptionally well on electricity provision. The Ethekwini metropolitan city has achieved electrification of up to eighty nine point nine percent of households.

This well-run and award winning cityhas a sterling record in managing its finances, and boasts reserves of about 6 billion rand.

Ethekwini also has the highest collection rate which averages one hundred and three percent.

The good work will be taken forward in the next five years.

ITheku ikhaya le-ANC.


The beautiful Cape Town is a tale of two cities.

There is a Cape Town that caters for the needs of the rich and wealthy, which are prioritised, and another which leaves the poor un-serviced and undeveloped. The ANC will work to win back this city so that the poor can also be taken

Our beloved leader Isithwalandwe-Seaparankoe Comrade Nelson Mandela stated eloquently in December 2000 when he said:

"The African National Congress was the only party that could deliver services. It is the organization of the future. Nobody can deny the ANC that role,"

Madiba also warned our people and our country about the DA which runs Cape Town.

He said;

"You must not be misled by a party that only cares for blacks on the eve of the elections.

"No white party can run this country ... no matter how they cover up by getting a few black stooges, they (the whites) remain the bosses ... they remain a white party."

The ANC must win back Cape Town and ensure that transformation reaches that part of our country as well. The poor in Cape Town must be treated with respect and dignity.

I-Kapa malibuyele ekhaya kwi-ANCngomhlaka 3 August.

The ANC will ensure that the lessons learned in the successful ANC-run metros are used to strengthen local and district municipalities. Local government will definitely get better over the next five years.

Comrades and compatriots

Throughout the door to door campaign, our people agreed with us that developing local economies is one of the pathways towards economic growth.

In this regard, the ANC will encourage the growth of Small Medium and Macro Enterprises and cooperatives through centralised government procurement in all our municipalities.

The backyard mechanic must become the owner of a garage in the main road. The small caterer must become the owner of the bakery and the fastfood outlet. The professionals must practice their skills locally.

Working together we will make this happen.


We want cleaner cities, cleaner towns, and cleaner townships.

Progress has been made in cleaning our towns and cities, refuse removal and collection has reached over sixty four percent of households.

The ANC government has also expanded access to primary healthcare services to more people.

This has improved the health of our people, including those living with HIV who enjoy better lives now thanks to access to treatment.

We will continue to work on improving healthcare services at local level.


Good governance is the cornerstone of a well-run city or town. The ANC wants an end to all forms of corruption and will diligently pursue all those who are corrupt.

The ANC will ensure that all Local Municipalities, District Municipalities and Metropolitan cities achieve unqualified audits and spend their budgets on what has been approved in councils.

We will insist that councils employ appropriately qualified or experienced senior personnel.

We discourage municipalities from outsourcing the basic services they are able to render themselves.

We will also ensure that services are procured whenever possible from a local community and where municipal services remain the core function of municipalities.

Our municipalities must also improve citizen care. Municipal staff must treat our people will respect, dignity and courtesy when they visit municipal offices for assistance. This will be prioritised by the ANC.


Our historical task is to build a united, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous society.

Our task is to unite our people, black and white, and we are determined to achieve that goal.

Our task and mission is also to unite all our people and formations including civil society, behind building our country.

We welcome the role-played by community based organizations and non-governmental organizations who provide social services as well as support service to various communities. We believe in productive partnerships with civil society.

That is part of advancing people's power.

Fellow South Africans,

Our message in this electionemphasises the advancement of people's power.

Our call for Advancing People's Power resonates with the people of South Africa as it reminds everyone that our government is of the people for the people.

We have walked the streets of this country, we have visited every village, every town, every city.

We have been to thousands of homes.

We have heard you.

Advancing peoples power means providing quality basic services at affordable prices to our people

Advancing peoples power means every public representative must be accountable to the people.

Advancing peoples power means listening to the people, respecting their views and where possible speedily implementing their hopes and aspirations.

Advancing People's Power means closing the gap between the police and communities so that we can fight crime better.

Advancing People's Power means fighting corruption and the abuse of power.

Advancing People's Power means extending and improving government service delivery to all the people of South Africa.

Advancing People's Power means creating and increasing participation in economic opportunities and reducing unemployment, inequality and eradicating poverty in South Africa.

The ANC will work with our people to advance people's power in every community!

We thank you for your continued support.

We thank you for your undying faith and confidence in the ANC.

Our country has a brighter futureunder the ANC, working with our people.


August the third is the big day for advancing people's power.

Millions of our people must vote ANC on the day, and enable their movement to continue improving the lives of our people.

Every vote counts.

Masiphume sonke sivoteleuKhongolose, umbutho wabantu.

Local government is in your hands.Local government is in the hands of every South African.

Siyanqoba ngomhlaka 3 ku August!Asinavalo, sisebenza kanzima.