The Exile Years

Talking To Vula 30 June 1996
ANC call to black soldiers and police 20 October 1989
Arusha Conference: Declaration 4 December 1987
ANC National Executive Committee statement on the Assassination of Cassius Make and Paul Dikeledi in Swaziland 16 July 1987
Escape from Pretoria 25 April 1987
Apartheid South Africa: Colonialism of a Special Type 24 March 1987
From Ungovernability to Peoples Power - ANC Call to the People 3 May 1986
Take the Struggle to the White Areas 15 November 1985
How to master secret work 1 June 1985
Memorandum of the NECe of the ANC to the Government of Swaziland on the Agreement between Swaziland and the Pretoria Regime on Kangwane and Ingwavuma 15 July 1982
Statement on the fascist sentences imposed on 12 ANC (SA) combatants in a Pietermaritzburg secret trial on 15th November 1979 18 November 1979
Denial of Secret Meeting with Inkatha 5 November 1979
Statement by the National Executive of the ANC on South African Defence Force `Deserters` 29 October 1979
ANC statement on the execution of Solomon Mahlangu 6 April 1979
1978: Anti-Apartheid Year 16 December 1977
Let us Advance our Liberation Struggle 16 June 1977
The Struggle Continues! Victory is Certain! 16 December 1976
People of South Africa - The African National Congress Calls on You 8 July 1976
People of South Africa - Sons and Daughters of the Soil 19 March 1976
ANC statement on expulsion of 8 members 23 January 1976
Statement by the ANC on the expulsion of a Conspiratorial Clique 11 December 1975
Vukani! Awake! Underground organisational bulletin, No.2, 1 March 1975
Vukani! Awake! Underground organisational bulletin, No.1, 1 December 1974
Statement by the ANC on the proposal of Chief Buthelezi for a national convention 4 October 1971
Apartheid - A threat to Africa`s survival - Article by Oliver Tambo 18 September 1971
Leaflet issued by the National Action Council calling for a nationwide stay-at-home on 29, 30, 31 May 1961
`The struggle is my life`- Nelson Mandela`s press statement
Memorandum by Ben Turok before the ANC`s Morogoro Conference and a "Reply" by Joe Matthews
The ANC Spearheads Revolution
The ANC calls on you - Save The Leaders!
June 26 Leaflet
Broadcast on the Clandestine ANC Radio by W.M. Sisulu
We are at War! - ANC pamphlet
Denial of Talks Between ANC and PAC
Resolutions of the All-In African Conference
Appeal for action against Apartheid - Statement issued jointly by Chief Albert Luthuli and Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr
Leaflet issued by the All-in African National Action Council
Leaflet issued by the All-in African National Council