Umkhonto we Sizwe

Address by ANC President Jacob Zuma at the 47th Anniversary of the formation of Umkhonto We Sizwe, Honouring of Luthuli Detachment and Conferment of Isithwalandwe/Seaparankoe Award on Chris Hani 16 December 2008
Statement by MKMVA on the outcome of its three-day National Conference held on 28-30 September 2007 2 October 2007
Press statement by the Umkhonto We Sizwe Military Veterans Association 11 September 2007
The ANC`s second submission to the TRC: Umkhonto we Sizwe operations report 12 May 1997
Absence of some former MK cadres from Walmanstal 2 November 1994
Situation affecting integration of Umkhonto We Sizwe into new SANDF 9 June 1994
List of ANC members who died in exile 16 December 1993
Statement by Comrade Nelson Mandela President of the ANC on the occasion of the 32nd Anniversary of MK 16 December 1993
ANC-MK statement on the 32nd anniversary celebrations of MK 13 December 1993
Address by Nelson Mandela to Umkhonto we Sizwe conference 3 September 1993
MK statement on the right-wing attack on the Kempton Park world trade centre 25 June 1993
Skweyiya Commission Report 7 September 1992
Umkhonto we Sizwe - Timeline 1 August 1990
Message from the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Umkhonto We Sizwe 16 December 1986
The Revolutionary Army - A Discussion Article 1 September 1986
The Wankie Campaign 1 June 1986
Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Code 1 June 1985
Stuart Commission Report 14 March 1984
Message by OR Tambo to the people of South Africa on the 20th Anniversary of Umkhonto we Sizwe 16 December 1981
Statement on death sentences passed on three members of ANC and Umkhonto We Sizwe 20 August 1981
Speech by Oliver Tambo on signing Declaration, on behalf of the ANC and Umkhonto We Sizwe 28 November 1980
Statement on signing declaration, on behalf of the ANC and Umkhonto We Sizwe, adhering to the Geneva Conventions 28 November 1980
The Green Book 1 August 1979
Statement by OR Tambo to the People of South Africa on the 10th Anniversary of Umkhonto we Sizwe 16 December 1971
Broadcast to South Africa on the Eighth Anniversary of the Formation of Umkhonto We Sizwe: Oliver Tambo
Manifesto of Umkhonto we Sizwe
Operation Mayibuye
Broadcast to South Africa by OR Tambo on the 8th Anniversary of Umkhonto we Sizwe