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Motion on International Mother Language Day

21 February 2012

1. The Chief Whip of the Majority Party moved without notice: That the House -

(1) notes that November 17 is International Mother Language Day which is annually observed and celebrated worldwide in support of language diversity and variety;
(2) believes that language is the most powerful instrument of preserving and developing tangible and intangible heritage of a nation;
(3) further believes that the promotion of the mother tongues will serve not only to encourage linguistic diversity and multilingualism but also to help in the development of indigenous linguistic and cultural traditions in our country and throughout the world, as well as inspire solidarity based on understanding, tolerance and dialogue; and
(4) calls upon Government, nongovernmental organisations, learning institutions and South African in general to use this day to promote cultural diversity and multilingualism, as well as to encourage South Africans to learn more than one language

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